June 7 - 10, 2018

Re:Sound is an annual new music festival that brings together and showcases pioneers in the arts with diverse programming at venues throughout Cleveland.
By connecting local and visiting artists, the festival further propels the innovation and artistry flourishing in Northeast Ohio.




Elizabeth A. Baker
(St. Petersburg, FL)
Elizabeth A. Baker - Locomotion (2017), Command Voices (2017)


James Burch
Phong Tran - Durability Problems (2017)
Corey Cunningham - From Down Here (2016)


John Corkill
Seung-Won Oh - Circle (2004)
Kyong Mee Choi - Flowerlips (2006)


Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra
Alan Tormey - Second Commentary on the Natures of Realism (2014)


Fat Pigeon
Fat Pigeon - Page of Tin (2016), A Feign Opt (2017), and free improvisation


Phil Pierick and Kurt Galván
(Cleveland / Rochester)
David Clay Mettens - Passacaglia (2016)
Vicente Hansen Atriamother flame light blue mother flake dark blue chrysoprase brilliant fire green (2017)


Shanna Gutierrez
Eric Chasalow - Ariel Fantasy (2017)
Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf - atsiminimas (2016)


Stephan Haluska
free improvisation


James Iman
Jenny Black - Stand Still Here (2012)
Jonghee Kang - The Ocean Was Still (2013)


(Detroit / LA / NYC)
Jocelyn Hagen - Gwendolen’s Dream (2001)
Steven Knell - Anthemoessa (2012)
Sarah Hersh - In Praise of Continuous New Dreams of New York City (2011)


Curtis RumrillIn This Styrofoam Room (2017)
Christine Burke6 fingers/We go there by any road we take (2017)


Will Mason
(Oberlin, OH)
Will Mason - Thet Thet (2017)


Justin Massey
(Morgantown, WV)
Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie - 9 Rhymes (2017)


Brianna Matzke
Paul Schuette - Puzzle Pieces (2014)
Molly Joyce - Amplify (2014)


Buck McDaniel and Friends
Buck McDaniel - Marefka Sketches (2018), plainsong (2014, rev. 2017),
This Is What You Shall Do (2014, rev. 2018), Conditions of Living (2012, rev. 2017)


Martha Mooke
Martha Mooke - No Ordinary Window (2015), A Dream in Sound (2014)


Joo Won Park
Joo Won Park - Touch (2017)


Erin Rogers - Wormhole (2017)
Dennis Sullivan - Shedding Waste (2016)
Sullivan/Rogers - Remote Cipher (2018)


Post-Haste Reed Duo
(Portland, OR / Moscow, ID)
Ruby Fulton - 27 Miles East of Headquarters, ID (2017), Donut Robot (2018)


Semiosis Quartet
Shih-Hui Chen - Fantasia on a Theme of Plum Blossoms (2007)


The Syndicate for the New Arts
Jonn Sokol - Above (2018)
free improvisation


free improvisation


Tower Duo
Charlie Wilmoth - Three Pieces (2013)
Michael Rene Torres - Four Short Episodes (2011)


Transient Canvas
Kirsten Volness - Year Without a Summer (2017)
Dan VanHassel - Epidermis (2017)


Ben Willis
Ben Willis - subatlantic songs (2015-2017)


(St. Paul, MN)
Chinary Ung - Spiral XIV “Nimitta” (2016)


Nick Zoulek
(Bowling Green, OH)
Nick Zoulek - Leafless Against the Gray Sky (2015), Symmetry in Memories (2016), Silhouette of a Storm Bent Tree (2015)